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The Lymphatic system plays a large role in immune function and circulation and it helps in moving fluids, waste products and bacteria and large protein molecules from the circulation to eliminate them from the body. Inability of the lymphatic system to do so results in Chronic swelling and hardening of the skin tissue due to protein accumulation.

Causes can be congenital malformation of lymph nodes or traumatic injury, infection , radiation over lymphatic system or even chronic venous insufficiency.

Restore Your Lymphatic System with Lymphedema Treatment in Ottawa at Physiocare Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre

The symptoms may be tightness, heaviness and changes in skin texture along with pitting edema.Once the diagnosis has been confirmed , certain treatment procedure is indicated which helps alleviate the swelling, The treatment for reducing swelling is using a holistic approach CDT , which consists of Manual Lymph drainage ,Compression garments , meticulous skin care and therapeutic exercises.

Treatment has 2 phases : Phase 1 where focus is to reduce the swelling using MLD techniques and bandaging and Phase 2 where focus is to maintain the reduced swelling with compression garments and therapeutic exercises and ongoing self care.

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