Urvi Patel

Urvi Patel completed her bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (2019) from India; followed by 6 month of internship. She worked for BAPS Hospital, in India. In addition, she immigrated to Canada for her further studies and pursued the diploma program in Fitness and Health Promotion (2022); followed by an internship and she joined Physiocare in April 2022 as a Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA).

“Health is our most prominent asset and not one to be taken for granted,” Urvi believes. She enjoys helping people from all ages suffering from injury, illness or disability. She believes, if she can affect an individual’s overall well-being , happiness and ability to live their life to the fullest then she is completely satisfied with her choice of profession.

Furthermore, in her spare time she is fond of sketching and enjoy various forms of dance.

She looks forward to apply her health care experience in working with you to help you achieve your personal goals of health and wellness.

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