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The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

There are 26 bones and hundreds of ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your feet, making them highly complex structures. Yet they support your body weight and provide stability and balance. Poor footwear, excessive exercise, and injuries can cause the structure and alignment in our feet to change creating biomechanical imbalances while standing or walking.

Custom orthotics are prescription devices worn inside the shoe, helping to correct alignment issues. Wearing orthotics not only relieves pain in the foot, knees, hips, or back but can prevent numerous other conditions. That’s why we’re exploring the benefits of custom orthotics.


Of course, your custom orthotic is designed to support your foot, they brace the anatomical arch, giving you more stability. If you have any abnormalities, such as pronation (collapsed arches) or the opposite, supination (high arches), the brace will work to correct this.


Whether you’re walking, running, or jumping, every time your foot hits the ground, force is applied to all the joints in your foot, legs, and spine. The force is approximately seven times your body weight. Over time, it can create problems such as flat feet. Custom orthotics will support the load of your body, better distributing the pressure across the surface of your foot. The extra cushioning also absorbs some of the impacts, helping you stay active and on your feet longer.


Orthotics designed for your specific athletic activity can help you produce more efficient movements. The orthotics will distribute your weight more evenly, improving your balance. The added foot protection absorbs shock and reduces muscle fatigue.


Spending a lot of time on your feet can lead to many types of muscle or bone problems. Stress fractures and injuries to the tendons and muscles are common. Research has shown that injuries are reduced by 28% and stress fractures by 41% when you wear a custom orthotic. Medial Tibial Stress syndrome, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis are most commonly prevented.


The amount of pain you feel throughout your body will be greatly reduced by custom orthotics, including arthritis pain,and plantar fasciitis. This is probably one of the biggest benefits custom orthotics provide Without the support, the increased strain on the lower back, knees, and ankles forces your body to adjust, compensating for poor foot alignment. Additionally, custom orthotics are used to protect diabetic patients from developing foot ulcers.


Custom insoles usually cost more than generic insoles from retail stores and pharmacies. However, the amount of money saved from requiring other medical devices such as knee or back braces, or treatment for additional pain and discomfort, makes custom insoles a wise investment. They not only provide immediate relief but are a long-term solution to current pain and problems


The most relief a store bought orthotic can provide is some cushioning for your foot, with a bit of stability. They are not able to provide balance and support across the entire surface of the foot; so they do not correct biomechanical issues that are causing knee, hip, or back pain.


When you visit our clinic, a health practitioner will discuss your detailed health history, taking your height, weight, and activity level into consideration. Once it’s determined that you will benefit from a custom orthotic, we’ll take a 3D impression of your feet. This mold is used to build an orthotic specific for your feet and the underlying biomechanical issues. Once the orthotics are finished, you’ll return for a fitting and will be asked to walk in them, so we can confirm a correct fit with proper alignment in your legs, hips, and back.

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