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It’s easy to panic after a car accident, especially when other vehicles are involved. Your adrenaline is intensified, and there are too many thoughts circling your head… “am I OK?”  “Is everybody else ok?” “Was this my fault?”, “How will this affect my insurance?”. This guide will walk you through caring for yourself after a multi-vehicle collision (MVA), discussing what treatments might be right for you, including physiotherapy,...
Posted on 2021-02-28
There are 26 bones and hundreds of ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your feet, making them highly complex structures. Yet they support your body weight and provide stability and balance. Poor footwear, excessive exercise, and injuries can cause the structure and alignment in our feet to change creating biomechanical imbalances while standing or walking. Custom orthotics are prescription devices worn inside the shoe, helping to correct alignment issues. Wearing orthotics not only relieves pain...
Posted on 2021-02-28
There’s more to being healthy than exercise and watching what you eat and drink. You want to ensure your body gets the support it needs from health aids like a knee brace.  A knee brace can provide relief from discomfort / pain as well as protect you from further injuring your knee or another area of the body. A brace can often benefit more than just your knees, but your posture, hips and lower back. Considering that many private insurance companies can make a knee brace either free ...
Posted on 2021-01-20
The brain is often compared to a bowl of jelly - firm jelly. It can usually survive some mild knocking around, thanks to the cerebrospinal fluid; a layer of shock-absorbing liquid between the skull and the brain. That in mind, there are two reasons you may suffer from a concussion: The brain hits the skull in a forceful way, such as being tackled in a football game. The neural tissue strains from excessive force, often indirectly such as whiplash in a car accident.  Symptoms of a c...
Posted on 2021-01-20
Stress is a part of life - between managing family life, a social life, and career expectations, stress will find a way to creep into our everyday affairs. Stress is never easy to manage, as it can grow to become overwhelming and lead to high-anxiety fits, episodes of depression, overeating, or drug & substance abuse. Through stressful times, it’s important to remember that your physical health needs to be prioritized. Here are some exercises that can help reduce stress:   Relat...
Posted on 2020-03-24
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