Chiu Mien (Mina) Chiang

Proudly introducing our new acupuncturist, Chiu Mien – or Mina – from Taiwan. With a vast history in medicine including nursing and having been an active C.P.R. instructor in Taiwan, Mina graduated from IATCM with the Executive Director’s Award in Academic Excellence. She comes from a long line of practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturists, and decided after having her own success with it, to pursue it.

She incorporates knowledge and experience with modern and traditional practices including wet cupping, modalities, traditional acupuncture, and Gua Sha. She believes in taking time with each patient and promoting self-healing through her treatments to reduce symptoms and chronic illnesses without unnecessary side effects. She takes great pride in being a helping hand in our patients’ recovery.

In her free time, Mina has volunteered at Ottawa’s Peter D. Clark Center. You can find her gardening, exercising, and reading. She has a knack for nurturing! She truly believes in healing patients through patience and with dignity and you can see that in her work.

“I believe acupuncture treatment can heal the world – That drives me to be proud of being an Acupuncturist and doing what I love!”

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