Adam Farid

Adam is a dedicated and ambitious student currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in health sciences with a minor in economics at uOttawa, with his sights set on a master’s degree in physiotherapy. His dedication to a well-rounded education and his aspiration for a master’s degree in physiotherapy highlight his determination to making a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare. With his academic background and future goals, Adam is well-positioned to contribute to the physiotherapy industry,

He is a trilingual physiotherapist assistant, fluent in French, English, and Arabic, who possesses a deep sense of empathy and interpersonal skills. His dedication to helping patients on their journey to recovery and improved well-being is underscored by his ability to connect with individuals on a personal level.

Adam’s passion for soccer is evident as he competes year-round, displaying skill and dedication on and off the pitch. Complementing his devotion to sport, he maintains a disciplined gym routine for health and athletic performance. Beyond sports, he enjoys quality time with his family and spending time in nature.

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