The current situation with COVID-19 has forced us all to stay confined in our homes.

While we hunker down and avoid the spread of this virus, there is NO reason to think that we cannot continue to receive good treatment and improve our level of pain/function/strength/endurance.

Get Started with Online Physiotherapy from Home!

At a time like this, it's more important than ever to try and maintain a sense of normalcy and take care of your health and safety.

While we deal with this change in routine, it is still vital that we pay attention to our healthcare and keep up with our treatment routine so as not to make the problem worse.

That's why we’re now introducing a LIVE Virtual One-on-One Video Appointment System that allows you to meet your physiotherapist without stepping out of the house.

It's just Like FaceTiming A Friend

Learn about our video appointments

Our LIVE Video Appointments make it super easy and convenient for you to get in touch with a physiotherapist without leaving the comfort of home.

Our LIVE Video Appointment tool allows you to:

  • Stay in a safe space while getting the care you need
  • Continue your existing treatment or consult with a physiotherapist to get started on a new course of treatment
  • Practice new self-treatment techniques developed by our therapists
  • Maintain social distancing and other isolation recommendations set forth by health agencies around the world
  • Spend more time with your family

Our goal is to help you continue your course of treatment and progress towards a healthier tomorrow - this video appointment system allows us to do just that!

While we deal with this change in routine, it is still vital that we pay attention to our physical and mental wellbeing and keep in line with your treatment plan. 

Learn about our video appointments


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